New Providence Soccer Club

Posted Sep 19, 2017

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My child finishes with the Skills Development Program this year. What can we expect next year?
Once your child is on the way into 3rd grade they will be ready for their first step into competing against teams from other towns.

Why does the Club close the fields when it is muddy?
The fields are part of the common trust; we have an obligation to protect them, not just for ourselves, but for the common good. Because of the heavy, fine clays in our soil, the fields in New Providence are prone to compaction when wet; when they compact, they eliminate the air and space needed for the roots. Eventually, after compaction, the grass dies, leaving the hardpacked ground. Without the grass to soften the dirt, the ground becomes harder eliminating more turf in a cycle that will leave a field unplayable. Once that occurs, the field must be taken out of service entirely. It is hoped that careful management of the fields will keep them in good shape for the children and the community.

Why does the NPSC have such a large membership?
The NPSC offers competitive travel and recreational play for kids ages 5 to 18. We strive to place every player on a team, which encourages participation. Soccer is becoming recognized as a relatively uncomplicated and yet robust physical fitness opportunity for our youth that is open to players of both genders and for all skill levels. It was the first field sport offered to local children with special needs in the New Providence area. Some of the advantages of an all-inclusive program are: the synergy of the participants, coaches, volunteers, soccer training company (UK Elite.) and reduced costs.

What's the difference between the leagues NPSC plays in?
NPSC looks to place teams in leagues that best match the skill and commitment level of each team. We currently participates in four leagues. Eastern Development Program (EDP), Mid-New Jersey Youth Soccer Association (MNJYSA), Inter-County Youth Soccer League (ICYSL) and Suburban Youth Soccer League (SYSL). EDP is the highest level of competion that we offer. Teams playing in EDP can expect slightly more travel. MNJYSA is a competitive league composed of teams from soccer clubs located throughout central New Jersey. ICYSL and SYLS are recreational programs that includes teams from towns within a closer radius of New Providence.

Can I indicate a preference for one league over another when I register my child?
Yes, NPSC will open registration for different programs. Evaluation registration is intended for players who desire to play competitive soccer. Players who do not make the competitive travel team are automatically placed on a recreational team. A separate recreational travel registration will open for players who do not attend tryouts. Tryouts are not required to play recreational travel soccer. A player must attend evacuations for be considered for a select team.

Why isn't my child on the "A" (select) team?
This is probably the most controversial issue that any club faces, regardless of the sport. The NPSC combines three separate and individual methods of evaluation to determine its teams; annual tryouts, trainer evaluations and coach evaluations. The very nature of tryouts, a couple of hours on a field in variable conditions amongst lots of other kids, means that the results are not always 100% reflective of each player's true ability, however they are fairly and independently conducted by UK Elite evaluators who view all players equally. This is why each year the tryout process is repeated. The NPSC will adjust team rosters on a yearly basis to ensure that each team is composed of players with the appropriate level of skill required for that team, to the best of our ability. This could and often means that children are moved from one team to another over the course of several years, which can cause either happiness or heartache, depending on which direction the move takes. Children develop at different rates and in different ways, so there will always be some level of movement of players from team to team over the years.

What's the extent of Volunteering?

There are many ways to volunteer your time and the program can only succeed if parents are willing to help. Each parent can help line the playing fields, bring refreshments to the games, but most importantly, involve yourself in the development of your child's soccer skills. This can range from helping them in your backyard and cheering them on from the sideline, to helping out as a coach, assistant coach or team manager. You can also volunteer to serve on the Board of the club, or assist in our annual events such as the picnic, parade, and Charity Game.

Why do some teams practice more than others?

The number of times that a team practices is usually dictated by the level of commitment the team has.  All teams have training once a week and a coach practice once a week, with a game usually on Sunday. Other teams avail of an extra session during the week, at additional cost. Sometimes it depends on the availability of the coach during the week, or whether the children can attend.

How can I volunteer for the Board?

The Board is always looking for new members with new ideas and the club will continue to develop and change as the board itself does. If you are interested in serving on the board please contact the club president at