New Providence Soccer Club

SDP Playing Rules

SDP League Play: Modified 5v5 Rules for Soccer

Player safety/attire

  • Players must be geared properly at all practices and games:
  • Cleats, shin guards, and soccer socks (completely covering the shin guards).
  • No jewelry of any kind (earrings, necklaces, bracelets).
  • No hard plastic or metal hair accessories (bows, clips, head bands, etc.).

Number of Players

  • Format is 5v5 with NO GOALKEEPER.
  • Players must be allowed to play minimum of 50% of each game.
    • Exceptions include injury, illness, unwillingness to play, or disciplinary reasons.
  • Substitutions can be made with referee's permission for injury or at the quarter.

Game duration

  • (4) 7 minute quarters
  • 2 min break between 1st and 2nd quarter; 2 min break between 3rd and 4th quarters
  • 5 min break at half time


  • One neutral official (referee) shall be allocated to every match. All infringements should be briefly explained to the player.
  • If no referee, a parent or coach may act as game official.

Game Play

  • Ball Size: 3
  • Kickoff from center spot at beginning of the game, after half-time and after each goal.
  • Kicker may not kick the ball a second time until another player touches the ball.
  • Opponents must be 4 yards from the center mark.
  • No official score will be recorded.
  • Fouls and Misconducts Conform to FIFA laws. Referee should explain all infractions to the offending player
  • All free kicks are direct and opponent shall remain 4 yards from ball.
  • There shall be no penalty kicks.
  • Games are intended to be instrucitonal for players to learn the game while keeping players safe from injury.

Ball In and Out of Play

  • Ball must be 100% over line to be out.
  • Throw-In: Balls out of bounds are put into play by the opposing team at the point on the touchline where the ball was kicked out of bounds. One re-throw/team after instruction by official.
  • Goal Kick: Goal kick is taken by defending team from any point on goal line. Opponents must be 4 yards away from ball.
  • Corner Kick: If team defending goal touches ball last before it crosses goal line, attacking team puts it into play with an indirect corner kick. Opponents must be 4 yards away from ball.

Opposing parents/coaches and players should shake hands after each game.

Referee Equipment

  • Official uniform (Shirt w/referee patch, shorts, socks)
  • Whistle
  • Stopwatch
  • Grade 9 referee license required

Referee Best Practices

  • Be a positive example to the players.
  • Arrive 10 minutes before game time.
  • Introduce yourself to the coaches.
  • Take control of the game by speaking loudly and clearly to the players. Blow your whistle strong and loud.
  • Wait by teams after the game to shake hands.